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Using eco-friendly products makes a big difference! 
Your clients will appreciate your considered use of sustainable tableware and gifts.  Replacing traditional throw away plastics with re-usable, recyclable and biodegradable products is a positive ethical choice that you can be proud of.

Using eco- friendly, sustainable initiatives at your event is so important to us that we can offer to support you further with cost effective solutions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss various options available. 

32 products found in Corporate Events

Eco friendly Wooden Cutlery sets for Events Bulk pack/ Party Maker
  • $46.00

Eco Friendly White Sugarcane Oval Plates 325x260mm Pack of 50 Corporate Events
  • $40.00


Eco Friendly Hessian Roll for Wedding and Events
  • $8.00

Natural Paper Straws Event Pack of 100
  • $5.50

Party/ Gift Paper Bags or Event Bags XS Kraft 14cm x 11cm x 6.5cm
  • $0.70

Party/ Gift Bags or Event Bags Small Kraft 23cm x 18cm x 8cm Pack of 10
  • $10.00

Party/ Gift Bag or Event Bag Small Kraft 23cm x 18cm x 8cm
  • $1.00

Tall Pastel Ombre Paper Bags or Event Bags/ Wrapping Pack of 5
  • $6.00

Pastel Paper Bags or Event Bags/ Wrapping Pack of 5
  • $5.00

Large Hessian Party Bags or Event Bags /Wrapping Pack of 6 20 x 30cm
  • $16.00

Gift Card / Voucher Green Your Event $100
  • $100.00

Hessian Party Bag or Event Bags/ Wrapping .5X9 cm
  • $4.20

Beeswax Rolled Candle Gift Box with 2 candles
  • $40.00

Beeswax Cinnamon gift Candle 5cm square
  • $15.00

Eco Friendly Hessian Cutlery Bag /Package for Wedding and Events Pack of 3
  • $6.00

Cutlery Sets

Wooden Cups 4.5x 5.5cm Pack of 50 for Events
  • $27.00

Wooden Cones 12.5 x 45cm Event Carton of 2000
  • $269.00

Wooden Cones

Wooden Cones 8 x 3 cm Event Carton of 2000
  • $269.00

Wooden Cones